Dreadball Fever

Hey all!  Have been on a further hiatus as we’re back to work here and the starting weeks are always a busy run.  I have played a couple of games since last post, including a 3 way battle royale of Warhammer Fantasy which worked out well for my Greenskins – my shaman mounted wyvern finally paid off- and a return to Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria – but most of my last week has been focused on the behemoth of a Kickstarter that is Mantic’s Dreadball.

I was first drawn to Dreadball from a post by Quirkworthy on his wordpress blog.  I followed his link to the Kickstarter website and was bowled over by the fresh concept of a sport-based miniatures game.  I know that Bloodbowl has been around since the year dot, and comparisons cannot be avoided, but in fairness, it is a system that GW haven’t done a lot to promote in recent years – really it doesn’t fit neatly in with their business model to keep selling to an already established customer base.  If you have the Bloodbowl set, you’re not buying more Bloodbowl in general, but if you have a box of Clan-rats, you might be back for more Skaven sooner than you think!  Dreadball is remarkably dissimilar to Bloodbowl when you get down to the details, and from the early reports – looks to play more directly and possibly faster.  I am a growing fan of Mantic – having recently purchased their 2-player battleset and regretted not knowing about their previous kickstarter until it was too late – but this time I jumped in early.  Their reward system in the stretch goals has seen me increase my pledge three times – I’m now at the “Striker!” level and might avail of some extras, as I am really looking forward to their model sculpts and what appears to be their own genuine excitement for their product – it is refreshing to see a company glowing with pride and gratitude for their own pet.  They are in constant dialogue with their fan and customer base in the comments section of the site, and are actively reacting to public requests to form the game around an already ecstatic community.  I know that is a lot of pressure for a company, but I cannot fault their response in how they are handling their public and support.

I am not an employee of Mantic or an advertiser, but a genuine fan that wants to see the one-off games like this flourish.  I gather that there will be great support for this product from Mantic in the building of their product line – the already super-successful Kickstart has shown that there is an interest in supporting a company willing to make a product for a public salivating for this system.  I don’t think that they are reinventing the wheel, but am looking forward to the type of alloys and threads they are garnishing it with!  I think that the game looks set to be fun and well-thought out, and I am happy to back something that I believe deserves some grass roots support to encourage further development.

For anyone interested in supporting this venture, check out the project on the Kickstarter page, or the Dreadball Website here.