Trolls and Negative Warhammer!

Ok – this was an eventful week in hobbying!  I had a break from Night Goblins to paint some Trolls I had been ignoring for a while – truth is that these were a very early Warhammer purchase before I began gaming, and I had only painted one and based the others before losing interest and moving on to others.  This week, I gave myself the treat of finishing them to a gaming standard as a reward for a nearly complete 40 Night Gobbo regiment.  The real test was remembering the paints I used for the first Troll before continuing with the other two and polishing the first one properly.

The Trolls were primed in Chaos Black spray, with two layers of Knarloc Green as a base.  I mixed in a hint of Golden Yellow into the second  layer, as I wanted the Trolls to have a different appearence to the regular greenskins.  The stomachs were given a two layers of Tausept Ochre, again with a touch of Golden Yellow mixed into both (3:1 was about right).  The fist coat doesn’t cover well, but don’t worry – the later wash coat taskes away the worst of the thin layer.  I wetbrushed some Camo Green and Tausept Ochre 1:1 mix over the raised highlights of knuckles and biceps etc,  and the entire model received a wash of Thraka Green – this was a heavy wash, so maybe two coats to really get into the recesses is a good idea.

I gave the claws a straight Chaos Black, with minimal extreme highlighting in Dheneb Stone.  I used some Skull White to the eyes so that I could put on a nice layer of Sunburst Yellow when it dried, followed by some Bloodletter Glaze (my first effort with the new range, but Baal Red would do the job nicely too).  The wash was just for the cat’s eye section, and I took as much off of the yellow in the eyeball as possible so that the red filled the curve and iris clearly.

The Scales were based first in Orchide Shade, then in a mix of Hawk Turquoise and Ice Blue 1:1 mix.  Following this, I layerd a mix of Mithril Silver and Turquoise 2:1 to the tips and highlights.  This I had difficulty with, but rather than blame the tool entirely, I will say that the combination of my skill and a very frayed brush was not entirely successful.  When this was finished, I touched up the scales with some ‘ardcoat Gloss for the slick affect. I did much the same with the fish that one of the models is holding, but heavily washed with Devlan Mud. The weeds and vines sticking to the trolls were covered in Calthan Brown, highlighted in Snot Green and then washed heavily in Badb Black or Devlan Mud.  I didn’t give these a gloss finish, but it could be done too to continue the slick appearence.  The spines were given a highlight of Hawk Turquoise too, and the tips of the ears received the same, but again – less is more. I also liked the extreme drybrushing of Tentacle Pink to the noses, as it gave the impression of blush or cold to a face that is largely a monotonous mix of greens and dirt.  I put some Bleached Bone to the teeth and that was the head finished but for some Skull White and Knarlock Green 1:2 extreme highlighting.

The vomit was based in Iyanden Darksun, layered with Golden Yellow and washed in Bloodletter Glaze/Baal Red.  The fishbones were dry-brushed with Bleached Bone and the model got some ‘ardcoat Gloss finish for some liquid appearence.  The weapons were given a Scorched Brown base, followed by some Besital Brown highlighting on the clubs.  The stoneheads were based with Adeptus Battlegrey and dry-brushed with Dheneb stone, with some Vomit Brown on the rope holding them together.

I like the Troll Models, but I have yet to field them in a game.  I’m told I need six to run an effective strategy, so that is something to consider – but I don’t really want these models twice, so am thinking of using the Fimir Warriors from Forgeworld – Fimir are my all-time favourite units back from the old Heroquest game as a child, so I really don’t need too much of an excuse to invest in some great models, and those look to share the same size base too.  I wonder would most players find them acceptable substitutes?

Ok – the game element of Warhammer this week was pretty mixed – managed to get two games in, despite expecting none at all, but really it was my first encounter with a negative player.  Again, I won’t name my opponent as it would be unfair to publicly denounce him in a forum where he cannot defend or represent himself – but he was beyond competitive and made the experience something I’d really rather not repeat.  His annoyance was immediately obvious as I fielded Wurrzag as my general, not realising that some players prefer not to play characters.  I offered to revise my list and just use a shaman, but he insisted on playing on, and he fielded a character of his own – Throt – to lead his Skaven against my Orcs.  I liked the look of this army, and like the greenskins, there were a lot of models for a 2000 point game.  The problem was skill and luck.  I blundered through some pretty great dice and successfully got off Foot of Gork and a double reroll bang into Throt’s unit, and playing on a smaller than standard board, was able to charge my thirty odd-strong Black Orc Horde on my turn…right into Throt’s unit…and it made mincemeat of them, killing his general outright in the process.  The poor guy didn’t get a chance to reform before I was able to Hand of Gork the Black Orc unit into the rear of his Night Runners and forced them to flee into Wurrzag’s Savage regiment.

This isn’t to say I was a master tactician at all – I got lucky and he had made some small mistakes in committing his units within an easy charge range twice.  I lost my Arachnarok, all of my Spider Riders and my Boar Chariot along one flank through some pesky gutter-runners and a Warp-Lightning Cannon that eventually turned on its own men.  He was making a serious dent up until the Hand of Gork allowed a sequence of hard-hitting that won it out.  Now, you may be reading this thinking that it was a great victory, but it was far from a washout, and it was not at all satisfactory in the way my opponent hopped on every dice roll or kept questioning the fairness of the Orc army rules-especially the big spider which really didn’t do a blessed thing in battle.  I felt the need to concede every possible revision in order to maintain peace along with a modicum of restraint when my opponent delighted and capitulated in the success of his own units.  I swear; this guy had to be an arachnophobe conquering his phobia with the smug comments he proclaimed at the death of the Forest Riders and Arachnarok itself!  It drew the attention of the gamers waiting to take the board after us.  His confrontational attitude and arrogance in victory was pretty unbearable, and I had to wonder how magnanimous he would have been had he won the thing outright – there were some dice rolls that I was willing to lose just for an easier game.  Funny how my more regular luck deserted me in the face of such odds!

I finished the game and shook his hand, which in fairness he received without issue, but all throughout the tidy-up reminded me of my lucky magic rolls (it was really his unlucky poor dispelling pool that let him down – he couldn’t stop but one of the Big Waaghs going off).  I was pretty peeved with the entire affair, and it left me with a dull feeling, that I have had enough of this game for a little bit.  I had arranged for a second game the next day, and this one I lost.  It was a Night Goblin themed army and my opponent properly took care of business.  I got pasted, but enjoyed that game much more for the loss than the previous victory.  I am still in two minds about gaming again soon, even though I understand that logically there are always some people that take things a little too seriously.  I genuinely hope that this guy was one of the exceptions rather than the rule itself.