Pirate Alliance: Flaming Scimitar

Ok, so this one is even more involved than I first suspected!  It is a really nice piece – tough to assemble quickly, but worth it for the detail!  It takes less time on the more dynamic aspects, but the majority of my time was taken on the hull and of course – the feckin’ sails!  As of this post, the sails are incomplete, and I am making a promise to myself to revisit later, but felt that this post was late enough without perfecting the one element that I really am finding great difficulty with when painting this set – so here goes!

  • I painted the model entirely in all the constituent pieces.  The water base was done as usual along GW guidelines – listed on the terrain section of this site, but while doing this, don’t forget the water spirits/elementals supporting the ship’s hull too.
  • Primed all parts in Skull White.
  • The hull was Liche Purple, while the deck and Masts were based in Calthan Brown.I washed the hull with Leviathan Purple before a smaller highlight of the same Liche Purple.
  • All gold areas – and this is painter’s choice I based with Scorched Brown.  I originally tried a Skull White – especially on the Hull detail – but the difference was too stark, and close to the whiteheads in the water so I decided to go with the gold.  Once the Scorched Brown was dry, I went over it all with Shining Gold.  This is a bit more time-consuming than you might imagine too, so I advise patience, coffee and a fine detail brush!  The dome to the rear and the statue to the front of the model were both fitted with the same gold finish, but I went with Dwarf Bronze for the sword of the statue, which I think worked out quite well with the brown undercoat toning the shine down slightly.
  • The Deck was next washed in Devlan Mud, and later highlighted with a 1:1 mix of Scorched Brown and Calthan Brown.  I coated the cannon in Boltgun Metal with a Chainmail silver highlight.
  • The Air djinn I based in Astronomicon Grey before washing in avery watery Shadow Grey,  Following plenty of time to dry, I decided to follow up with a mix of Bleached Bone and Deneb Stone (1:1) again for light dry brushing.  After this I tipped the extreme highlights with Skull White.  This was a good finish, the picture below does it no justice!
  • The Fire Efreet I based in Solar Orange – but Blazing Orange would do the trick too for a more vibrant under-colour.  I followed this up with a Desert Yellow light drybrush, then a wash of Baal Red before a drybrush with some a more yellowy yellow – Sunburst was the one I went with, I think, making sure to get the tips of the dual blades too.  Again, as with the air dude, went with Skull White for the extreme highlighting, but was more sparing with the fire spirit as the bright yellow would be too toned back including the white.  My best advise when doing both the spirits was to remember to get the tower at the rear of the ship too, as the air djinn cicles the building, and the fire guy spills out from his window too.  I didn’t remember and had to do some minor backtracking, but as always, better to get it all in when going at it first – gives the rest a chance to dry between coats too.
  • The Sails in this set…anyway –  as seen in the above poorly lit pic, they are only based, but I’ll tell you how I got this far at least.  Undercoat in Bleached Bone, followed by a second layer of Bleached Bone and Desert Yellow mix – 1:1.  GW prescibed Bubonic Brown in the mix instead of the Desert Yellow, but I found this too dark.  The swords on the sails I gave a light coat of Tin Bitz and Scorched Brown mix 1:1ish should do it.  The Flames were picked out in Sunburst Yellow – if the tone is too close to the sail, then throw in some Bad Moon for the luminesence.  I touched it up with some Blazing Orange.  The water effect was just Icy Blue with  Skull White on the highlighting – the air was Astonomicon Grey with yet more Skull White extreme highlighting.  I still need to go back to the sails, and I really wanted to make a better go of the main areas with  a larger flat brush for better cover without overworking the layers – but nearly there!

Final thoughts on this model  to date – I like it for the detail, and raw character that exudes from the ship.  The masts are a tight fit to the deck, but other than that, it goes together well after painting without rubbing thre finish at all.  I put completing  this model off a few times this week as I have just started a few Lord of the Rings cavalry models as a break, and I may give the Dreadfleet to the back-burner for a little bit longer.  I feel my interest waning, and don’t want the remaining paint jobs to suffer for that.  I’ll post my LotR bits soon, and I’ve recently found a reduced to clear Assault on Black Reach – my first 40K set ever, so might just run at that too before returning to the high seas.