I painted this one second, as I think it is even more direct and straightforward than even Grimnir’s Thunder.  The colour scheme is just about the same as GW suggests, but I’ve always disliked the High Elf brilliant white personally, so I’ve tried to soften it with darker shades throughout the ship, including the hull itself.

Onto the stages:

Painted base as per GW water suggestion (found elsewhere on this site), but was wary of the the two or three porpoises in the waves beside the ship – Astronomicon Grey with an overlay of brighter Bleached Bone and Space Wolves Grey 1:1 mix to give the sheen and brighter edge.

The Hull was based with Skull White, and layered with Astronomicon Grey – although any of the light greys will do the trick, I would say the darker the better, but only when primed with white first.

The decking was based with Dheneb Stone and Bestial Brown 2:1 mix.  This darkens the GW guideline, but as I say, I hate the washed out feeling of that method.

The tower columns were all based with Dheneb stone, then layered with Codex Grey.  The issue of the minute doors will be dealt with later, but for now simply cover them lightly.  When painting the towers, don’t neglect the wider one with the connecting bridge to the rear of the vessel.  The roof portions were based in Shadow Grey and then drybrsuhed with a lighter blue or even a grey – e.g. Regal Blue or Codex Grey depending on the overall tone of your ship.

The Dragon on the rear is really painter’s choice as far as I’m concerned.  I wanted to try out something that I’m not over the moon about, but nonetheless, it looks fine.  I have in the past painted the High Elf Lord on Dragon in a red finish – and so wanted something similar but not identical, and at the same time to be slightly different from my daemon prince red finish too.  To this end, I primed it with good old Skull White, then washed it with watered down Merchite Red (sort of a pink wash finish.  This allowed me to use the Merchite Red not as a Foundation paint, but as a regular acrylic finish when I applied a layered coat when the pinky wash dried.  What I liked about this in theory is that it letsthe illusion of  “light” travel through the wings lighter skin when caredully layered with the full Merchite.  The wings were a mix of Liche and Warlock Purple, approx 1:2.  This is what I wasn’t delighted with – I think in retrospect a darker wing and lighter skin would work better, but that’s what I get for wanting different to the previous dragon models.  The claw tips were layered in Chaos Black before a drybrush on the uppermost parts with Dheneb Stone (Or any medium grey).  A final wash of Leviathan Purple to the recesses completed this section – just be careful when painting where the claws meet the ship itself.

The sails were the easiest pieces, really – Based with Regal Blue, Layered with Enchanted Blue and trimed with Skull White on the motif-work.  The fiddly bit on this set was the mast – Bestial Brown base with Skull White detail on the rigging and ropes.  This needs time, a fine detail brush and a LOT of patience.

The Figurehead dragon piece was based in Burnished Gold and Polished up with a layer of Shining Gold – tow layers of Shining Gold would have been enough in retrospect – the Burnished Gold did little for the depth details on a single application, and the Shining Gold layer removed most of what it did cover – I hate metalics, they are so hit or miss with the lighter tones, but at least GW has a better finish than most other brands when it does take.  If desired, you might highlight with Mythril Silver, but I left it as was.

The Hull and towers  are the last parts to tidy up – now you can layer the outer hull with Skull White.  Without the previous layer of grey, you’d need more than a couple coats of white and lose the detail in the process – this way a pure Skull White layer covers well.   The Rigging and Cannon windows were dressed with fine brushing Shining Gold carefully.

The Deck itself needed a Gryphonne Sepia wash, and the inlay of the doors facing opposite each other is another painter’s choice – I think that a deep red or blue (Gore or Enchanted Blue) works well, but that they should match one another for best aesthetic.

The tower doors were picked out in Shadow Grey and all parts drybrushed in Dheneb Stone.

Excuse the unfinished nearly flawless low-res snap!