Grimnir’s Thunder – First Painting – the Water Base

Grimnir's Thunder - First Painting

Grimnir’s Thunder Unpainted

This was the first model I really began to paint, as it seemed easiest!  No doubt many others took this approach too!  The Base of the unit was the first item painted.  I have this obsession with either getting all of the bases/stands sorted first, or rarely ever getting to finish them long after I’m through with the set.  This time I wanted to get an even water effect among all models – not a fantastic one, but similar between pieces.

  1. The Base was primed with Skull White. I’m one of the few out there that likes priming with light rather than darker paint.
  2. The first layer was a thorough layering of Regal Blue and Necron Abyss 70:30 mix, although Regal Blue alone works well.
  3. The next step was a decent wetbrush with Enchanted Blue – good but not total coverage.
  4. After, a drybrush of Icy Blue was applied to largest part of the top waves, but not to deeper areas to give illusion of depth.
  5. The next step was applied quickly and generously after the drybrush.  I doused the piece in Asurman Blue wash, not evening out where it clotted.  Once thoroughly dry, I moved on to the final step.
  6. The tricky part – white foam on the crest of the waves.  I used Skull White, but sparingly, and this produced a finer effect, and use the edge of a size 000 brush, or any extra fine brush you have, just getting the tip of the wave and not underneath.
  7. Extra step to this base: Rear of Grimnir’s Thunder base.  I used a layer of Hawk Turquise & Icy Blue mix (50:50ish) on rear of piece during step 4 before washing in the Asurman Blue and capping with Skull White to get the effect of turbines and rotars churning the water.

The model itself is a a toss-up between painting it assembled or in part.  I decided that I’d prime and base in seperate three pieces, but if I were doing over would strongly consider the drawbacks of the large seam at the very front of the model before moving forward.  It could do with some Liquid Green Stuff and a light sanding if you want to glue/assemble first, but the inner detail is lost.  Another angle you may want to consider is that the miniship inside of the hull is really only visible from a top down view, so basing should be sufficient unless you’re a completist.

  1. Nearly done with this one - aiships still to do...

    Primed with Skull White.

  2. Based in Boltgun Metal over everything.
  3. Gretchin Green foundation on the side panels as shown.  No need for tidy work here, as the detail will be picked out later.

To Be Continued…