Dreadfleet: Curse of Zandri

Now this one was positively straightforward, but definitely my least favourite piece so far.  In my on-going effort to avoid revisiting the Swordfysh or finish touching up other models, I figured why not do this one!  I thought I could paint it as a solid unit, but the area behind the pyramid is precarious without pulling the deck out first, and the area is open and visible enough that you do need to get some level of detail in there.

Ok, so to the stages –

  • Primed with Skull White
  • Water base is as GW guidelines – exception was of course for the floating bones.  I based them in Bleached Bone before adding Asurman Blue wash to pick out the detail between the ribs etc.  I then drybrushed with another layer of Bleached Bone when thoroughly dry to take the blue off the bones.  I was pretty happy with the result, but it wasn’t rocket science so there was no victory laps of the room (The what? you say, but trust me, it did happen later with the one thing I found…trying in this model!)
  • Ok – the Hull was Calthan Brown based before adding some Gravveyard Earth wetbrush.  When dry, I added some Gryphonne Sepia Wash followed by a final and subtle Dheneb Stone drybrush to pick out the wickerwork effect.  If feeling the laze on this one, just check on what needs detail as the oars obscure some of this section.
  • The Hull proper was simple Chaos Black based, followed by either 2 layers of Shining Gold or a layer of Tin Bitz or even Dwarf Bronze followed by the Shining Gold on the raised detail and sculpt.  Took my time with this, but worked out well.  I even used the same paints on the hull bands towards the front of the ship.  I like this colour scheme as the gold on black is pretty striking and works well for the theme of Tomb Kings.
  • The statue guys I coated in Chaos Black before giving a very light drybrush with Hawk Turquoise, then going over with a highlight with Shining Gold on the hoods. The Staffs I decided could do with something different, so the heads were Burnished Gold with some Shining Gold Highlight, with Necron Abyss on the handles.

  • The stone held in scorpion style over the ship I based in Dark Angels Green, highlighted in Snot Green and edged with Scorpion Green.  There was room for light sourcing, and I may return to attempt this, but I ran through this one pretty fast and didn’t stop to try it just yet.  The only easy thing about light sourcing that I find is that it can be done at a later time without too much touch-up.

  • The deck was based in more Calthan brown and washed in Devlan Mud to keep it simple.  The deck catapults were dressed in Tin Bitz with some Boltgun Metal highlighting.  The Pyramid was pretty basic too – just a few layers of Shining Gold with some minimal Mythril Silver highlighting in the edges and sculpt.  The problem I find with all gold metalics is that they always require multiple applications to get the “shine” effect, so knowing this the first layer is always light so that the subsequent layer(s) don’t blot out details.
  • Ok – on to the most hated part of this bad boy – the triangle strips on the hull.  This was a test to be sure – get yourself some decent and tiny detail brush.  GW don’t do a small enough brush, so I go for a Windsor and Newton size 0000, and I still think it is too big!  Sometimes I blame my tools but sometimes I blame myself!  This time, it was a toss up, but went with a yellow and blue split originally.  Immediately regretted this, as no yellow was distinct enough from the gold – I don’t think that brown would work either, and there was enough purple in the fleets already that I just went with the GW recommendation – red and blue.  This was slow progress, with a LOT of touching up, thinking I’m done and then finding another strip yet to do!  When I was finally done with this part, I did one of thiose shoulder-stretches that painting too long requires before a small dance with the dog (who wasn’t as into the celebration as I was, but was game enough not to complain)
  • Finally, I assembled the model fully before painting the final parts – the oars were Bestial Brown and Devlan Mud wash., not forgetting the pieces on the base.  The area above the oars I covered in Shadow Grey.  The reason for doing this part last was because of the assembly of the model proper scrapes the paint from these sections if done beforehand.

There, another one down, but I have just managed to get my hands on a half-price copy of Assault on Black Reach (my first 40K modela ever – never been too interested in the 40K universe, but painting is painting and new models are always more attractive than sets half done!) – the temptation to attempt something new is pretty powerful, but I’ll try to stay the course long enough to get something Dreadfleet done next week!