Black Kraken

Ok, one of the most distinct pieces, but to be fair, not my favourite. It has a very metallic look, and it is one of the ships that I’d like to have a double of in order to try out another scheme entirely, but in this I followed GW’s guideline of dark on metal and sadly regret it for the simplicity.  Speaking of which, as with the first picture below, I basecoated with a metallic – something I don’t particularly love as I find that overlaying colours sometimes don’t react the way you’d intend.  In thi case, I was largely happy, but my only advise is to use a soft basing brush, as this amount of metallic cover sometimes doesn’t dry as smooth as foundation or regular paint.
Ok – so here were the stages:

  • Based as per GW guidelines, listed elsewhere on this site with the following exception:  The rear of the model has some nice churning effect in the water, and I covered this area in Ice Blue with a heavy drybrush of skull white which I was personally delighted with, as it gave the impression of industrious propulsion really well.  Having seen the success of the rear piece, I think a heavy Skull White top highlight would work really well where the tentacles rise from the waves too.

Now to the ship itself…

  • Primed with Skull White, but regretted this as it could have been darker – not Chaos Black, but if I was to redo might try a calthan brown or maybe Scorched Earth.
  • Based layer with Boltgun Metal – Chainmail was way too bright after a white prime, and it toned it pretty well – see above pic.
  • I mixed a 2:1 combo of Adeptus Battlegrey and Chaos Black to cover the greater hull areas.  I found only using Chaos Black too stark, and better to have darker tones possible rather than absolute.
  • I layered the rim areas around the hull and engine flues with Tin Bitz before layering over with a mix of Dwarf Bronze and Tin Bitz – roughly 1:1, and was happy with the result.
  • I layered the Dwarf-head on the hull with a Chainmail silver helmet and Shining Gold for the remainder.  When dried, I applied a wetbrush of Dwarf Bronze, which brought up a nice finish, but regretable lost some definition – for anyone else I would recommend drybrush or simply go directly with one layer of either.
  • The rivets covering the hull got a base layer of Tin Bitz and a highlighting of Chainmail.  While I was at this I took opportunity to fill in the hinges  between the joints on the tenticles with a mix of 2:1 Chaos Black and Tin Btiz.
  • I filled in the eye windows with Orchide, drybrushing to the hull very gently.  I then light sourced with a small area of Snot Green, before finishing with an ever so much more central shading of Scorpion Green, with a light drybrush on surrounding area of closest tenticles and directly ‘lit’ hull.  I finished with Chainmail silver on the grill covering the windows.  If I am very honest, it is not the best work I’ve ever done.  I think that the method was fine, but the application needed fine-tuning – but if anyone out there has a good recipe for this type of light sourcing, I would really wecome it!  By the by, the picture shows the best side only here!
  • Small details time  – so first I gave the belt in between the model a run of Snakebite Leather, but in fairness, it cannot really be seen.  I tipped the lights on the outermost side of the hull with Blood Red.  The Flues I topped with Chaos black and ran a Boltgun metal tip to them, but I wasn’t delighted, truth be told!  If I had time, I might have redone them in a mix of hull colours.  I realised as I painted this model that there was much I would redo again, but I am stubborn when committed to something, and I was already an hour or more invested!
  • A thorough wash of Badb Black on all but the eye/window area and the wheel gears that power the ship.  To the gears only I gave a small wash of Devlan Mud to give the impression of well-used saltwater machinery.
  • For the water dripping from the tenticles, I went with a Hawk Turqoise base, followed by Enchanted Blue and tipped the drips wit Skull White.
  • Finally for the edges and sides of the hull I went over the entire model with Chainmail silver instead of a Skull White for the last few detailed highlights.  I found that the Skull White as a usual go-to was just too obvious on the nearly all-metal model.  Chainmail used sparingly was more appropriate for the finish.

This was the final pic, and I’m not mad at it, but as mentioned above, would have revisited it without metallic in a revised version, or at least not as much.  The darkness of the hull obscured the runes on the sides, but I left this as shown because I thought that the hull was busy enough as it was.  So another one down!  Done, done and onto the next one!