It’s happening again…

Just when I think I’m out…Is there any interest beyond my immediate contacts to restart this defunct blog?!  I’m getting some pressure from friends and associates to begin again-and there is plenty to discuss with the success and further involvement with the CODEx gaming club-and growing interest and promotion of other board and wargamish type games.  I’ll have to mull it over-streamline content and prep time, but if there is interest-I am happy to talk all things Dreadball, Deadzone, Warhammer, X-Wing, EotD and a handful of indie-games titles-time to sleep on it and decide this weekend!  Take it easy all!



2 responses to “It’s happening again…

  1. Well, I am interested in reading this blog. You just need to make the blog work for you by making part of your hobby rather than an onerous chore to be drawn into once the fun of playing or painting is done.

    • Thanks for that! That is the problem alright-I like the record element, so even without followers to the blog, it serves a purpose-but the time required is thin on the ground at the moment! For instance, I can easily put some time into text only, but taking and editing pics/video to dress it up can be a pain-hence the slow down and stop quite some time ago! I have been egged on offline, but we’ll see-I think I will return to it, but with a fresher approach and more svelte content-there are a number of great things going on both retro and current that I want to record-thanks for the comment and support though, Badger! 🙂

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