Mangler Squig Number 1!

This week I have just finished the first of my pair of Manglers after much layering – I went with the traditional darker orange for the first set.  I love this model, but the Finecast was a pain in the rear.  I needed a ridiculous amount of green stuff and liquid greenstuff to rebuild a degraded side – I couldn’t quit fix the right eye area of the uppermost squig, but got it to an acceptable finish.

This was an exciting model to paint, even with the imperfections of the mould.  I had played with the Squig as a loan twice, and really loved the idea, the fluff and the cost to field such a unit-even a pair of them on each flank while the core advanced in the centre.  They may never get into combat, but they could possibly run as Rare chaff and take some heat off of the mainstay of the army.  Like the Fanatics, I think the possibilities with these guys run from the hilarious to the awe-inspiring – right through to the unfortunate blow-back into friendly units.  I’ll post the final version of this guy when I get through the second pair too.  For now – here it is!

The painting was really hit and miss.  I didn’t use any kind of template, but wanted to create a darker version of the boxart sample.  The model was given a Chaos Black prime spraycoat and a 2-coat base of Jokaero Orange from the new paint range.  I gave the entire model some Fuegan Orange shade wash and began to layer up with Squig Orange. This proved too light, so messed about with combination of Agrax Earthshade (Devlan Mud) before a drybrush of Blazing Orange and final light coat of Bloodletter Glaze to raise the finish back from the darker tone of the brown wash. Ipicked out some fine highlighting of Blazing Orange on raised areas.

The eyes were Averland Sunset base with some Golden Yellow layering.  The darker areas I dound too large for simply a Nuln Oil/Badb Black wash, so used a small amount of watered down Chaos Black in conjunction with a later Nuln Oil shade wash to add some depth to the area.  In hindsight, successive layers of Nuln Oil might have been a more effective as  a subtle finish.

The teeth were based with Calthan brown, before receiving a Bleached Bone drybrushing and Skull white extreme highlighting.  The entire mouth received a Nuln Oil shade…don’t know about you guys, but am not delighted with Nuln oil or Arax Earthshade just yet.  They’ll “do”, but not near as complete as Badb or Devlan Mud.  The chain links were easily done with Boltgun Metal lightly washed in Nuln Oil.  The rope was based in Calthan Brown and highlighted in Bestial Brown – but next time might go with something lighter still-maybe even Dheneb Stone.

The Night Goblin Models were painted the same as previous Night Gobbos listed on this site – but the Chaos Black did NOT want to adhere to the resin.  It took a LOT of paint for the pigment not to want to run and pool.

Ok – so my Malifaux arrived with Azhag the Slaughterer this week…mixed results.  I had to return by mail the Azhag model as it arrived with two right legs.  It was a shame as the overall finecast model was really well moulded and fit neatly together – but the entire model needed to go back.  The Ramos Box set that I got for Malifaux is absolutely fantastic – will have a go at Ramos himself this evening if I get the chance.  I love the style and mould of the Malifaux range – but I gather that nobody in Ireland plays this game, so it may be down to me to spread the word.  I really hope not-I’m hoping there is a thriving community out there that I am unaware of ready to teach me the rules, as opposed to me having to do the hard slog of learning solo!  I like having a skirmish game that gives me a break from greenskins now and again.  They are neat models and require a bit of stretching after getting used to the Orc pallette.  Will post an update on these guys soon!

7 responses to “Mangler Squig Number 1!

    • thanks, wazzashobbies! Much appreciated after countless touch-ups that are still unfinished! Actually – have to ask you about something too – how do you find Dystopian Wars yourself? Was in my local Hobby shop (now Dublin itself!) and saw a large range going for quite a low price. I was at the time thinking o either Malifaux or Infinity (Don’t know anything about either of them really – but picked up a few Malifaux for the sake of not having to spend a boatload on terrain – plus love the theme of the models) – but saw Dystopian Wars Naval game and wondered what the formatand review might be like – any thoughts or recommendations?

  1. They look great! I just picked up some Skaven to paint for an upcoming scenario I’m going to do. I hope they turn out half as great as your squigs!

    • Thanks for the compliment! They are full of little errors – you know the kind where you have to redo a smudge of paint, or where the side of the brush tipped another spot? They’re all over the manglers unfortunately and it’ll be all I have in me to do it before I finish the other pair! Love to see the Skaven Scenario if you post the progress llanwyre – Love something of almost every army, and Skaven are quite awesome. Like O&G – they can be repetitive to paint, I’ll bet?! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the scenario!

  2. Good luck with Malifaux. It’s not so complex that you need someone to explain the whole thing every move; after a couple of games we felt that we had a decent understanding of what was happening. The miniatures are a good draw for potential fellow players, and the game itself is lots of fun.

    • Sorry for the way-late reply mrborges! Malifaux is comaing along great! Have accumulated a small collection of Arcanist options and a token guild to fight against in order to bring other players in – hopefully! Haven’t been posting too much lately due to summer hols and recent nuptials – so have been off the grid! Am trying to get the Arcanists painted up at the mo tho-so hopefully post some images in the not too distant future! How are you getting on with it? WHFB still has an easier following over here, but if you have any ideas on how to spread the word to gain interest on Malifaux, I’m all ears!

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