This is not a newsflash..but maybe time for some Malifaux

Hey all – so these past two weeks have been dry for both hobby and gaming – houseguest and correcting exams continue to hamper any chance to get something done!  I’ve gotten some way into one of the Mangler Squig models I’m prepping for the table, and am ramping up to do somethign with a wyvern.  I have also ordered for myself something of another new departure – Malifaux figures and the rulebook.  I was informed about this game through a friend and a few awesome podcasts that I listen to while painting.  It seems like an interesting concept, and I liked the cut of the miniatures too  Nobody stocks it here – so went through Maelstrom Games to get my starter sets and book.  The idea is to set up something as a break from the Orcs and Goblins without really starting a new Warhammer army entirely.  With their recent price hike and generally expensive line, I don’t think I have it in me to save towards a new line just yet, and a Skirmish game like Malifaux or maybe Infinity might be the way to go for now.

This doesn’t mean that I will abandon the hobby so soon after getting bit by the bug in the first place (truth told, can’t wait to field the squigs!) – but I think what I’m trying to do is maintain my interest through diversity in the miniatures and even the wargaming system itself.  On the face of it, I think it is a good idea, even if I might have to introduce some friends to Malifaux entirely!

3 responses to “This is not a newsflash..but maybe time for some Malifaux

  1. My husband and I bought some Malifaux minis some time ago, but we never got around to painting them or playing the game. Do tell us what you think when you’ve played it!

  2. As a fellow gamer, I encourage you as strongly as I can, do it! Branch out. I’m no GW hater, it got me into miniature gaming and I’ll always have a soft spot for it, but there is so much out there to taste and see that it is good! My mate did what you are considering, he encouraged us all to try Malifaux. Unfortunately, it isn’t really for me and I ended up selling what I had collected (to fund more new minis of course!). We’ve just started into Warmachine big-time, and we’re running a journeyman league at the moment (more on this on my blog). But seriously, get out there and try it. As a skirmish game, the outlay isn’t too big, about the size of a 750 point warhammer army, or probably less! I too plan on trying Infinity, both because of the cool minis and the need for heaps of awesome terrain, and I may do something similar and encourage my mates to give it a try as well.

    You would be crazy to not check out what else is out there, GW doesn’t hold the monopoly it once did, and there is some great games around now.

  3. I have also recently got into playing Malifaux and I recommend it highly. It’s a lot of fun and plays pretty quickly as there only tends to be a handful of miniatures on each side. I guess it’ll play even quicker once we actually learn the rules properly. The miniatures are very paintable too, and it feels like it’s worth putting extra effort into each since there are so few in each crew.

    Still, it’s a different experience from Warhammer Fantasy, and there’s room in gaming for both.

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