A strange thing…can I…should I game? PLUS – my very first Finecast model!

Last week, while recovering from a severe bout of vertigo, I discovered that I couldn’t watch TV, game or even read for more than minutes at a time, and for the record, it was rarely worth the price of admission – but as the virus began to fade, I began to paint a bit more – and it was someting of an eye-opener for me as I began to sift through the models I had previously forgotten about.

As a painter first and foremost, and I make no bones about being Johnny Average here, I would rarely paint a full unit.  I was drawn to the rare and special sections from many armies at a time, but never collected with an eye to building an army – after all I didn’t play Warhammer or know many who did.  I’d paint some of the warriors/soldiers in a pack and get distracted by the big gribblys and seldom found my way back except in times like these – times where you are forced to sit down and got through what you have to find something you want to have a run at. What I found, as I sifted through the storage units I kept my bitz and finished items in, was Goblins, and a few Orcs…and here’s a partly assembled Giant…and the trolls I only painted one of…I began to wonder – do I have an army here?  I had no idea how to play Warhammer, just a general idea, but here, unbeknownst to myself, I’d managed to collect more O&G than any other type…true they were in shambles & needed a lick of more than primer, but they were a start.  I began to think I should learn this game.

When mobile again, I called around to GW and Gamer’s World in Dublin and showed them my roster, asking if it was a force or not.  What I was told, gently enough, was that it was a great battleforce, but shy on core units.  I’d been collecting a*s-backwards for appearence, and not for strategy.  I didn’t have the core infantry strength to table more than 750 points legally, and didn’t have a shaman of note, so picked up the army book, Wurrzag and a Rock Lobba for good measure.  I made arrangements fora tutorial game this week, and have been working hard to prepare the units I have with the some level of complete finish, although I am sure to embarass myself with play, I want to at least look the part of a ready gamer.

I realise I still need a way to transport my troops to Dublin, but seeing as they are a small force, this is not a big deal, but will definitely need to get something to carry them as I get through their paint jobs (Any suggestions for affordable carry cases are very welcome!).  I could also benefit from some tactical advice too from anyone who plays Orcs and Goblins – what units I should aquire or field in a game.  Maybe I’m approaching this too simplistically, but I really do want to give this a real shot.

This week, I completed both the Lobber and Wurrzag (Sort of).  I was first very upset upon opening the box to discover the incredible warping of the pieces – especially the base part.  I was ripe with rage until I figured I’d give the ole hairdryer method a whirl for ten seconds, and the plastic drooped like a noodle.  I carefully teased the part into shape using the other fitted parts and it worked a treat in seconds.  My advise to anyone first purchasing Finecast is to open it in the shop to be sure of your bitz.  Mine was ok, but needed some delicate DIY to manipulate into place.  The detail is what makes the cost of this one piece a real delight. I would have enjoyed painting this in parts, but the repair made it impossible.

I primed with Chaos Black, and mixed up some Bestial Brown and Scorched Earth in a 1:1 for half the timber, Scorched Brown and Bestial Brown pure in places sparingly, and some Vomit Brown and Tausept Ochre 2:1 mix for the end pieces of the cut timber.  This was all lightly doused with Ogryn Flesh, as I thought Devlan Mud would darken all of the tones too much like Scorched Brown entirely.

The Metal was a simply Boltgun washed with Badb Black and a few spots of Tin Bitz to break up the metallic overkill.

Ropes were Tausept Ochre layered with Desert Yellow.

The stone I threw together with my go-to formula for rockwork – any gray followed by a liberal drybrush of Dheneb Stone.

The crew and bully were typical O&G fare.  I like to serperate the breeds of O&G with skin tones.  Gretchins get Camo Green over a foundation of Knarloc, Goblins get based with Knarloc but get a layer of Goblin Green, and Orcs I usally shade heavier with an Orchide or Knarloc base followed by Dark Angel’s green.  This time, I acutally went with a mix of Dark-Angels and Goblin Green for the Bully, as the model was dark enough as it was.  I gave the hood some Shadow Gray and a light wash of Badb black, the rest of the models aren’t really that eventful, and I still have to properly finish one crew member toting ammo.

I have Wurrzag to do tonight – will post pics on Friday of both the Rock Lobber and shaman then too – plus my first ever battle report (if it is worth posting only!  I expect a battering!).  Wish me luck in the game tomorrow and take care all!


6 responses to “A strange thing…can I…should I game? PLUS – my very first Finecast model!

  1. Best of luck! If you are playing at a GW store it is their MO to gently allow a player to win their first game or two to not discourage new players. Don’t let this stop you or piss you off. It is actually very helpful to be gently guided through your first few games. Trust me, blindly diving into an army and getting walloped in the most brutal and embarrassing fashion over and over is not a good way to learn an army…uh…not that I have experience with that…I’ve been told. 😉

    As for transport, KR Multicase is pretty popular around here. It is a line of very sturdy cardboard cases filled with troop foam. Cheap, fairly innocuous looking, and effective. Not sure if you have a retailer there though…you’ll have to do some searching.


    • Heya! Went with your advice after the game in GW this week and picked up a couple of cases in Gamers World (The local competition to the commercial giant) and they had the entire range. I am DELIGHTED with the regular figure holder, but the pluck for the larger model isn’t as worthwhile, or I may very well be doing it wrong! Anyway, thanks so much for the advice! By the by, you were right about the game too-well and truly let win-will post the report in a new post today.

  2. Good luck with Warhammer. It’s a lot of fun, provided that you can get past the inherent silliness of grown men pushing toys about. I find that writing battle reports are a really good way to learn the game, as it gives you a chance to review what happened and what went well or badly. Also, it allows me to vicariously enjoy your games.

    Too bad about your experience with Finecast. I’ve heard all sorts of terrible things about it, but the only piece I own appears to be OK after a small amount of warm-water-work. I look forward to seeing Wurrzag painted.

    • Hi again! Let me know what you think of the report I just published-it’s my virgin run, so don’t know what to say, or in what order, so could do with some constructive criticism!

  3. For transporting miniatures I’ve never been happy with squashing my models into foam, so I’ve recently started buying magnetic tape from these guys http://e-magnetsuk.com/

    I then cut it into bits to glue onto my bases, so that my models will then stick to metal tins for carrying around.

    As to tactics I think that I would simply advise you not to worry about getting stuck in – as a novice I was always too hesitant.

    • Took your advice and ran up the middle with all guns blazing – worked a dream! The small case works well, but I take your point for larger or taller models-may be worth investing in some sheet magnetic tape for just such a set!Thanks again!

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