Terra Firma

The second model I began painting was this piece of terrain.  It was an experiment for rocks and debris.  I generally follow GW’s ideas, but this was one that I felt needed a different approach.

The entire model was primed in a Skull White undercoat.

The rocks were then heavily covered in a 1:1 Chardon Granite/Adeptus Battlegrey mix.  I find that on their own, these paints are too stark and don’t produce the real effect needed for flat surface textures.

Next I wetbrushed the rocks with Dheneb Stone.

The Rigging was based with Graveyard Earth and when well and truly dried, dry-brushed with rotting flesh.

I liked the way that the primed Skull White looked on the sail, so left it as was, but threw on a wash of Thraka Green over the entire sail and rigging to give it a weathered and battered appearance which I think really came up with very little detail work.  The only place to be careful with the rigging is where it joins the rock of the model, as this is defined by your paint rather than the plastic.

The Rocks were now given another sparing overbrush with a codex Grey/Fortress Grey mix, again approx 1:1 is fine.  The details were later picked out in Fortress Grey with a detail brush before getting a light dousing in Badb Black wash – I found the best way of covering the model was to let it hit the recesses without covering the higher points too much.  I used it sparingly on the rigging and sails too, as the Thraka Green wash from earlier had done a better job as it was.

When dry – and as with all washes, I mean thoroughly dry, I picked out the tallest rocks in minute amounts of Skull White .

The water was done as prescribed by GW – primed with Skull white, based with Regal Blue, wetbrushed with Enchanted blue and detailed with Ice Blue.  the Highlighting against the Rocks was sparingly picked up with Skull White, but where I break with form is using ‘Aardcoat Gloss Varnish to add then liquid sheen to the water only – it is personal choice, but I like the wet parts to look accordingly, and this gives a decent appearence.

Finally, the whole model was given a Satin Purity Spray to lock in the colours while handling.  This was meant for a gamepiece after all.


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