Site Description and intention! Why I paint miniatures!

Hi all!  This is shane aka theDauntless with a novel approach to online model painting.  I am new to painting in general – like it a lot, even if I came to at it rather late in life (27) – so I have a lot to learn.  I am a relative noob, and it shows in what I consider good effort, but then I switch online and see what standard I’m up against and it drills me to learn and try harder.  Normally when I get a model or a set, I apply a prime coat immediately on the sprue, and begin to clip the pieces out.  The difficulty with this impatient enthusiasm is that I cannot then take a more step by step recorded approach to get similar models right in future.

I come at this particular hobby from an unusual angle – I’m not so much into the game of the series, but the painting and improving of my own skills.  Towards that end, I have collected a pretty large and eclectic selection of many warhammer army units and squads, along with most of the generic LOTR miniatures and now Dreadfleet.  I have a few Reaper models too, so as you migh guess, I’m not a strategist, but a novice painter who happens to like certain models usually on a whim!  I paint one or three units from a group, but not having the motivation to complete the set for a game later, end up procrastinating in favour of a different type of model.  The laziness that is theDauntless knows no bounds!  I blame most of this issue on the fact that time for this hobby is at a premium for me, but really it is pure impatience to see something new and different take form.  When I get another capricious mood to return to that original set, I have often forgotten how to run at it, or even what percentage mixes I might have used.  While I am usually a paint by numbers neophyte, I do like stepping out of the box to explore possibilities not listed by GW or otherwise.  That is where this blog comes in.
This is a way of forcing me to take  my time and record stage by painstaking stage the process I use for each model.  I can then use it to recreate an effect, or avoid repeating an error.  I am not writing this to give advice – that’d be hilariously foolish for anyone reading to adopt this as their objective for reading!  I am doing it for myself, and perhaps get some direct tips from others at the same time.  My models will suck the big one, I know, but I also want to improve as I go.  I think that using a complete set like Dreadfleet as my first effort is both challenging and sensible – I like the element of a complete grouping done in some order as to learn from later.  To this end, I’ll only use Games Workshop’s paints too, and their colour choices as my touchstone – but while I’ll be the first to say I’m a GW method man, I have often preferred the original approach as I never intend to game with these pieces.  My objective is one ship or two pieces of terrain a week – kind of a New Year’s resolution that I hope I can stick to, so here’s to blind optimism!

I hope someone finds this blog interesting…even finds this blog at all, and I’d love to know your opinions on this venture.  There are better bloggers and painters out there, but now thanks to this effort of my own, I aspire to be one of them – and I do want to learn!

Take care and rock on,

shane (theDauntless)


2 responses to “Site Description and intention! Why I paint miniatures!

  1. Hey there Shane, looks like an interesting blog you´re starting here. I like the mix of painting and book reviews, two great things combined can´t go wrong I´d say 🙂

    Looking forward to following your blog in the future, as you so aptly say… rock on!

    • Thanks, man! I’m only novice, so it is tough to put my models up here compared to a quick search of Google Images for Dreadfleet! But I do enjoy it when they all start to take shape! Am getting through one called Black Kraken at the moment, so that should be up soon – to be honest it is easier to keep up with the book reviews as opposed to the painting! Anyway, thanks for following and hope I can keep it someway interesting!

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